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Products & Pricing

We can capture any moment, any memory. 

     You're only limited by your imagination 

What is 3D LifeCasting

Life & Body Casting is the art of molding an exact 3D replica of ourselves.  It is a  gentle and fun process – capturing every detail, skin texture and emotion  creating a stunning unique piece of art work.. inspired by you and those that matter most to you.

Stunning Detail in every piece 

All of the following pieces come in these colors... all finishes that vary from this are called " custom pieces" 

A Bespoke Heirloom for every family and every memorable occasion.s

Baby Feet & Hands

Capture your newborns every wrinkle with a life-casting session done at the time of your newborn's first photos.  Or enjoy a casting of your child at any age and immortalize them forever. Forever memories that look back on just how small they once were. 

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