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Cherished Memories are fleeting...Capture them forever

Let us Cast your Moment & Make it Everlasting 

What is 3D Lifecasting?

Life & Body Casting is the art of molding an exact 3D replica of ourselves.  It is a  gentle and fun process – capturing every detail, skin texture, and emotion while creating a stunning unique piece of art work... inspired by you and those that matter most to you.

Capture every wrinkle of your precious newborn's skin whether it be their precious hands or tiny feet...They will never be this new again! 

Our Mold MouseTM is organic and completely  safe even for the newest of babies.  Not to mention the process is quick and easy and fun! 


Feet & Hands

You may only be pregnant a few times in your life as blessings come... Immortalize the beautiful change of your body with a sculpture of your baby bump

Our lives are spent sharing companionship with man's best friend. Your irreplaceable furry friend can also be cast with amazing results.

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